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We believe what we can predict, we can prevent. Providing low cost services for first responder emotional health in a nature based setting.  Get to the end of your career healthy, happy and alive. 
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What we do: 

Hold The Line Services exist to prepare, prevent, and save lives for First Responder and Military Member mental health and emotional well-being. Evidence based and experiential approaches to mitigate cumulative, relationship and traumatic stress. We utilize the power of the outdoors, horses and more for change. Located in southern Ohio, accessible to the Cincinnati region and northern Kentucky. All of our services are offered at a low cost to eliminate barriers to health and happiness. We appreciate any donation given. 

Hold the line Services

Relationship Retreats and Workshops

Workshops and relationship retreats based in outdoor and equine activities to tackle topics of emotional survival for first responders, their spouses and children. Our workshops and retreats take place in the spring and in the fall.  We know that with a strong support system, that is your number one protective factor against all the other stress the job and lifestyle throws at you. 

Hold The Line Services

Active Decompression

The critical steps we take in the days, weeks and months following a crticial incident, can be life saving. Come out to our place and decompress, process and resolve individually or with your squad. Customized sessions utizling evidence based and experiential approaches, including EMDR, equine assited interventions, and outdoor based approaches such as hiking, kayaking, archery.

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Hold The Line Services

Therapeutic horseback riding

Did you know some of the most common stressors and ailments for first responders, such as chronic pain, traumatic brain injury, acute stress and attention deficit disorder can be helped by therapeutic horseback riding? Classes starting spring 2022 are individually  based, for first responders only and their family members. More information to come. 

Holiday Wish List 

We are thankful for the generosity of our givers, as we would not be able to provide the services we do without donations. Check out our Holiday wish list if you feel you would like to give. All donations are appreciated. Click the "wish list," below. 


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