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Hold The Line Services is a non-profit organization that specializes in providing  
Outdoor and equine based Wellness for the Warrior's mind and body. Services for first responders and Veterans. 
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Hold The Line Services


 Customized therapy sessions from a therapist who speacializes in first responders, including EMDR, equine therapy, and getting outside in nature to help you get back to you. We partner with Pinpoint Behavioral Health for our therapy services ( For those without insurance, a discounted sliding scale is offered.  Active Decompression sessions for an individual or squad, up to six weeks after a critical incident are free of charge. 

 For immediate contact, please contact 513-278-3074

Hold The Line Services

Give An Hour Provider-Military

Hold The Line Services is a "Give an Hour Provider." Give an Hour’s Military Program addresses the unique challenges and needs for prioritizing mental health and emotional wellbeing in the military community. Give an Hour's approach to mental wellbeing and treatment assists in closing access and delivery gaps to reduce extensive delays that can make mild symptoms worse and recovery more difficult. By diversifying options for care, Give an Hour addresses the disparity between available mental health professionals and community needs. Hold The Line Services provides up to ten sessions to the Military community on a sliding scale or free of charge. These ten sessions are eligible to be used in one of our equine therapy intensives (read below). Find out more info here (search Hold The Line Services) Mil/Vet Provider Search - Give an Hour

Hold The Line Services


Sound Familiar to you?

Have a parade of faces that run through your mind at night?

Feel shut down?

Not present with friends or family?

It doesn't have to be this way.


Equine and nature based therapy intensives, can help with distress after a bad run, the end of a relationship, anxiety, panic, and chronic pain. My job is to have your back, so you can get back to yourself. 


Typical weekly therapy sessions take months to years to have the same results we offer with our intensives.  


A single retreat day (or half day) is equal to (4-8) 45-50 min sessions. In other words, 1 retreat day is equivalent to 1- 2 months of weekly therapy, but the effects are substantially more powerful because of the continuity of the work. 


Your one-on-one day with a therapist means there is no wasted time saying hello, catching up or shutting down a session, you have their full attention. The retreats are outdoor and equine based, not in an office setting (although we can do traditional based therapy as well). We utilize techniques such as equine assisted EMDR, IFS, trauma informed yoga, biofeedback, polyvagal equine therapy and more. Intensives are offered during the months of May, June, September and October.  These intensives are offered at a low cost for first responders and military members. We have limited spots for a funded intensive, for an application, please email us at  


Financial Aid

Do you know a first responder who wishes to go to counseling but finances are a barrier? Know a First Responder who has encountered hardship or loss? We know that asking can be outside of your comfort zone, but we believe in overcoming barriers. We are here to help, email us today to find out more. 

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